VICTORY! #NoKosovoUnesco

(Illustration: Boris Malagurski)


by Zlatko Bogatinovski

Kosovo was denied UNESCO membership by just 3 votes at today’s session! 28. Jun and our partner Boris Malagurski would like to thank all those who supported our successful #NoKosovoUnesco campaign by signing and sharing the petition. We also want to thank the Serbian government, Students for Truth and General MacKenzie in particular for their contribution to our initiative.

The support from the public was incredible as our main petition and others received 50,000 more signatures than our original goal of 100,000. Our #NoKosovoUnesco viral video has over 50,000 views after just 48 hours of being released!

Serbs living in Kosovo still face horrific conditions and our battle has just begun. 28. Jun has begun a new humanitarian project to deliver essential aid to monasteries and churches which serve the Serbian population in Kosovo. Since 2012 we have delivered 170 tons of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief aid worth over $4.4 mil to the Western Balkans, $1.5 mil of which was to Serbs in Kosovo. To learn more or to donate please visit

Limited edition ‘Kosovo je Srbija’ bracelets. All profits to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund which provides basic necessities to Serbs living in enclaves in Kosovo. Order yours here for $10:

November 9th, 2015


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